How to Take a Snapshot from an Instance on ArvanCloud User Panel

A snapshot of an instance will help users to keep track of instances’ functioning status in a specific period. Once an instance encounters errors or other problems, these snapshots will help restore the instance settings to the last snapshot status. 


Tips: It is not possible to make an instance backup in the ArvanCloud user panel. The only way to have an instance backup is by taking snapshots.


To take a snapshot of the intended instance follow these steps:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud User panel > Cloud Computing. 
  • Click on: Snapshots
  • In the pop-up window, determine the intended instance, and choose a Name for it.
  • Click on: Snapshot. The new snapshot will be added to the snapshots section of the menu. 


To revert an instance status to a specific snapshot, do as above, and click on Restore. As a result, the instance will be restored to that snapshot’s status. Click on Delete to delete a snapshot.