How to Resize Instance Resources on Windows Using ArvanCloud User Panel

You need to occasionally resize and increase the windows instance resources such as RAM, CPU, and the allocated disk space. The reason may be improving performance or requiring more storage space for your data. This operation is technically called vertical scaling.

Hint: Notice that you cannot decrease the disk space because it can cause the data stored on the instance to be lost.

How to Check Instance Resources on Windows

You have to connect to the instance, click on the Start button, and select the Task Manager option to know the volume of your windows instance resources. 

Then, you have to click on the Performance tab on the open window. You can view the volume of the instance CPU and RAM on this page.

You can also click on the Start button again and select the Disk Management option if you want to know the volume of the instance disk space. On the open window, you can view the volume of the disk space allocated to the instance.

How to Resize Instance Resources on Windows

To resize your windows instance resources, open the Cloud Computing product on the ArvanCloud user panel; then, click on the Instances option on the right menu. On the open window, click on the instance whose resources you intend to resize.

In the next stage, select the Resize option from the right menu.

On the open page, you can employ the set plan to increase the volume of the resources, or select the Custom Size if you want to customize it. Notice that when you increase the volume size of the instance resources, the system will restart the instance.

If you resized the volume of the resources and restarted the instance, you can now connect to the instance and check the Task Manager and Disk Management to make sure of the addition of the volume of the resources to the instance. For example, looking at the above figure, you see that the system has modified the volume of RAM to 2 Gig, the volume of CPU to four cores, and of the disk space to 50 Gig. 

Checking the RAM and CPU increase:

Checking the disk space:

As the outputs display, the system has added the new resources to the instance. In the end, you can divide the new space into new partitions.