How to Sign Up and Purchase ArvanCloud Products


To purchase an ArvanCloud product, you should first enter your user account. If you have not registered yet, get help from this guide. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to register in both text and video format. 

How to Sign Up

To register on the ArvanCloud website, complete the following steps:

  • First, open the registration page,
  • Insert your valid email address into the determined field,
  • Select a strong password,
  • Click on the Next Step button.
  • In the next step, enter your Full Name. Besides, you require to type your cell phone number and national code in the determined field,
  • Now, choose a security question for yourself and answer it,

If you forget your password, use this Q&A to recover your account. Therefore, to prevent possible misuses, avoid easy and predictable answers, and protect it diligently. 

  • If you have received an identifier code from a friend, please insert it,

Hint: If your phone number is for a country other than Iran, you will not receive the confirmation message. To troubleshoot this problem, let us know via this email address:

  • Read the ArvanCloud terms and conditions and check the acceptance box,
  • Choose the I am not a Robot option and click on the Register button,
  • After completing the above steps, open your email, and click on the link you have received from ArvanCloud to confirm your email address,
  • In the next step, you should insert the 4-digit code that you have received on your cell phone to enter your user account.

When entering your user panel, you will have access to all of the ArvanCloud services and products. You can launch each required item or view your user information and invoices. 

We have provided you with a guide on every section of the user panel to enjoy the best and simplest user experience.

All of the guides are also available on address; they have been categorized according to product type.

When you enter the user panel, you will meet some menu:

  • User Name: It is for changing account information, password, and security settings.
  • Calculator: You can use our pay-as-you-go plan to calculate your required service charges before purchasing.
  •  Invoices: It displays the list of issued invoices and transactions.
  • User Credential: You can become aware of your wallet credit and increase it here.

The ArvanCloud Products

If you need information about the ArvanCloud products and facilities, use the top page menu on the ArvanCloud home page ( to open the product page.

If you require further information, complete a ticket and send your request to the ArvanCloud sales department.

  • Cloud DNS: You can employ the cloud DNS to manage your DNS domains faster, smoother, more secure, and for free.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): This service provides users with the closest geolocation and highest speed and quality to access the online content.
  • Cloud Security System: You can use ArvanCloud security solutions to protect yourself against various cyber-attacks and threats. 
  • Video Platform: The ArvanCloud Video Platform lets content providers and distributors convert the raw footage into different qualities and formats and maintain and publish it on an unlimited cloud storage space without infrastructure concerns. 
  • Live Streaming: The ArvanCloud Live Streaming Platform helps you show your live stream with the shortest delay and best quality to unrestricted users across the globe without infrastructure concerns.
  • Cloud Server: At any time, you can receive a cloud infrastructure, including a server, switch, router, and firewall in the form of cloud service.

ArvanCloud Support

Whenever having a question or problem with an ArvanCloud service or requiring contact with the sales or finance department, you can use this section to send a ticket to support, sales, or finance departments.