How to Access the Created Windows Instances


To connect to a windows instance for the first time, you need to employ the console. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ArvanCloud User Panel,
  • Open the Cloud Computing section,
  • Find the Instances section,
  • Click on the Console option from the Operation menu.

Next, you will encounter a window similar to the following figure. Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to access the Windows Login.

When you enter the Login page, the system first requests to change your password.

Enter and confirm your password to open the Windows environment. Be noted that the password must be a complex one (a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, different characters, and numbers).

Having defined the password, you can use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection service to connect to your instance in future connections. First, make sure that this service has been activated on the instance server windows. To do so, complete some simple steps:

  • Select the Start menu,
  • Open the Server Manager option,
  • Click on the Local Server option from the left menu.

On the open window, you should view the Enable option chosen for the Remote Desktop.

However, if you meet the Disable option, then click on it. On the open window, tick the Allow Remote Connection to this Computer option and click on the OK button.

Having completed your instance settings, you can use the Remote Desktop to connect to the instance.

How to Access the Instance via the Remote Desktop Connection

To access the instance via the Remote Desktop, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows+R keys,
  • Enter the phrase "mstsc" in the Run environment,
  • On the open window, insert your instance IP address (you have received it on the ArvanCloud User Panel > the Instances section),
  • Click on the Show Options option,
  • Type Administrator in the Username field,
  • You can tick the Allow me to Save Credentials Option to become able to store the Login information (there will be no need to insert the username and password in future uses of the Remote Desktop),
  • Finally, click on the Connect button,
  • On the open window, insert the password that you have applied to connect to the instance for the first time,
  • Click on the OK button,
  • If you encounter a window like the following figure, tick the Don't Ask me Again for Connection to This Computer,
  • Click on the Yes button.

Using this method, you can connect to your instance via the RDP.