ArvanCloud Unique Error Codes


When using the ArvanCloud services, the user may meet some error codes unique to ArvanCloud. Each one of these errors indicates a problem or a specific rule violation. In this article, we explain these errors and the condition in which they occur.

The Firewall Error - Error Code 403

Notice that when you have defined the rules in the firewall section on the ArvanCloud User Panel, if a user sends a request that violates the rules determined in this section, he/she will encounter the error code 403.

This error most often occurs when you have set a rule to limit some specific countries from accessing your website on the user panel. For example, imagine you have determined that only Iranian users are allowed to view your website, and every request from other countries must be denied. In such a case, if the operator or the ISP of a user living in Iran has received an IP address range advertised from another country, the user request to view the website will encounter error 403. 

In this case, the user location is Iran; yet, the geo IP registered for it is from another country. Moreover, updating this item on databases such as MaxMind, unlike the registered route object for the country advertising the IP, takes time, and the new owner should attempt to troubleshoot the problem.

The Limited Access Error - Error Code 429

Be noted that when you activate the rate-limiting and restrict the number of requests or connections on the ArvanCloud panel, if a user violates the rules determined in this section, he/she will encounter the error 429 (rate limit).

For example, when setting the limited access, if you limit the number of requests without a reasonable estimation, you will increase the possibility of confronting this error for your website visitors.

The Secure Link Error

One of the ArvanCloud offers for businesses that share resources such as video files, educational resources, so on is the possibility of employing a secure link. In an ordinary condition, when you upload a file on the servers, the users who have the link can download it from your servers even without having a download allowance.

However, employing this offer of ArvanCloud, you will provide a secure link for every file and according to the determined parameters such as the user IP, timespan, and token. Accordingly, even if an unallowed user, who has some parameters such as the download IP or timespan, tries to download the file, he/she will not be successful. The reason is that the sent request lacks one or some parameters; therefore, the provided string hashing will differ from those of the ArvanCloud server-side. So, the user will not receive the download allowance for that file.

To comprehend how to set the secure link, read the How to Create a Secure Link to Access the Video Content article. And, if you want to know how to activate it for your video channel, read this one: How to Activate the Secure Link for your Video Content?

While using the secure link, you may meet one of the following errors:

  • Error Code 483 - Expire: Given that the secure link is expired, the user meets this error code while trying to access the file.
  • Error Code 484 - Invalid: If the string hashing length or shape, which is provided by the user's transferred parameters, differs from those of the ArvanCloud server-side, the system will display this error code.
  • Error Code 485 - Deny: If one of the string hashing output parameters (such as IP, timespan, or token) is invalid, the user will encounter this error.

How to Customize the ArvanCloud Error Monitor

If you'd like to display your customized error pages instead of using the ArvanCloud default error pages, you can manage it on the ArvanCloud user panel. To do so, follow some simple steps:

  • Go to the ArvanCloud user panel
  • Open the Content Delivery Network (CDN) section
  • Find the Customizing Errors section
  • Select your ideal mode