What Do Ar-Cache and Ar-Atime Headers Mean?


Having activated the ArvanCloud CDN product, the system displays the ar-cache and ar-atime headers in response to the users' requests. 

What is Ar-Cache?

The ar-cache header may have two values: MISS and HIT.

The ar-cache equal to MISS signifies that the requested content has not been cached on the ArvanCloud servers, and it is retrieved directly from the website's central server. This value at the user's first request (from every ArvanCloud website PoPs) is MISS.

On the other hand, the ar-cache equal to HIT indicates that the website content is cached on the ArvanCloud servers, and the user is receiving the cached content from the ArvanCloud servers.

If some pages of your website have an ar-cache in the MISS format, but you prefer to set the values in the cached format (HIT) on the ArvanCloud servers, then you can use the Special Rules section on the ArvanCloud panel to define the pages.

What is Ar-Atime?

One of the headers sent by the ArvanCloud is ar-atime.

When the ar-cache is equal to MISS, the ar-atime value signifies the response time required by the central server to respond to the ArvanCloud servers. However, if the ar-cache is in the HIT format, the ar-atime indicates the time needed for the ArvanCloud servers to respond to the user.