How to Configure PTR Record on the ArvanCloud User Panel

Unlike the A record, which is responsible for mapping the hostname of an IP address, the PTR record maps the IP address for a given hostname. This record is used for the reverse DNS lookup.

Simply and briefly explaining, the reverse DNS is the exact opposite of the DNS. A DNS translates every domain name to an IP address. Therefore, if a user sends a request for accessing a website to a DNS server, it returns the domain's IP address in an A record. On the other hand, all IP addresses in reverse DNS are mapped to a domain name. Therefore, when responding to a request, the reverse DNS returns the PTR record. 

This is the mail server that usually operates the reverse DNS lookup. If mail servers receive an Email from a domain that does not support the reverse lookup, they consider it spam.

How to Set up the PTR Record on the ArvanCloud User Panel

To set up the PTR record, complete the following steps on the ArvanCloud user panel:

  • Follow the Cloud Computing product > Networks section directory,
  • On the open page, find the subnet in which your instance is,
  • Click on the Add PTR Record button,
  • Insert your PTR record on the new page,
  • Click on the green-colored tick.

Now, you have registered the domain PTR record.