How to Activate the Firewall on the ArvanCloud Security Panel

If you are going to block some countries' or individuals' access to your website, you can manage the process by the Firewall Settings section on the ArvanCloud Cloud Security Panel.

To do it, first select the Default Settings for your website. The Default Rule is employed when the client IP does not apply to any of the defined rules.

To create a new rule, you should only click on the New Rule option.

First, you can change the defining rule according to the IP or country.

If you have selected IP as the rule type, when you enter the title, you can type one or a list of IPs in the Value field. Then, select the wanted operation to make the defined values allowed or blocked.

For example, in this section, the IP and the Range are blocked.

When you create a "country type" rule, the page of rule creation is similar to the following image.

You should only select the countries' names from the list and create a new rule after selecting the wanted operation.

You can easily change the rule status or the wanted operation on the ArvanCloud Firewall. Besides, the ArvanCloud Firewall implements the defined rules in turn. For example, if the IP, which you set in the first rule, is linked to Oman, which you set in the second rule, if you change the second operation to allow, the website receives a request from the IP and will be blocked because the first rule is above the second one. However, if you want the rule to be checked by Oman rules and be allowed to visit the website, you should change the rules places.

In the first case, IP will be matched to the first rule and get blocked.

In the second case, IP will be matched to Oman rule and allowed to visit the website.