Getting Started with ArvanCloud DNS

Having registered on the ArvanCloud website, you can enter the user panel to manage the various product settings. The first step to use the ArvanCloud CDN product is to make the cloud DNS section's settings. In the following lines, you will get familiar with how to register a domain and get started with the ArvanCloud DNS product.

How to Register a Domain

Having signed up and opened the ArvanCloud user panel, you will meet a page similar to the following.

Click on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) product. Then, on the open window, click on the Add New Domains button,

On the new window, insert your website address (without www) into the field and click on the Continue button.

Having registered the domain and clicked on the Continue button, you will meet a page similar to the following.

After a few seconds, the terms of service page opens. Read all of the items stated on the page and then check the "I am aware of all the rules, and I accept them" option. Finally, click on the Accept button.

On the next step, you encounter a page similar to the following that displays your domain records. Check the records and associated IPs. If there is no problem, click on the Continue button.

Hint: Pay close attention to the IP addresses of the A record. These IP addresses must be the same as those of the central server that hosts your website.

In the next step, you will be asked to change the NS records, which you have provided from the domain registrar website to NSs determined by ArvanCloud. Please read the following guides before changing your records:

  • Musts before Changing NSs to the ArvanCloud NSs

The following guides help you change the NSs to the NSs determined by ArvanCloud:

  • How to Change the NS Records on
  • How to Change the NS Records on IRNIC

You can also apply the changes later. Therefore, on the page shown above, click on the Complete Steps option to complete the steps of registering your domain. Having performed it, you will have a page similar to the following figure.

Finally, if you have not changed your domain NS records, you must first define all the records associated with your domain before changing these records to those determined by ArvanCloud. To do so, open the Content Delivery Network (CDN) product and find the DNS section.

You can also directly upload your DNS zone file. The following guide helps you to do so:

  • How to Upload a DNS Zone File on the ArvanCloud Panel