CDN Activation Settings in ArvanCloud User Panel

Activation of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) settings makes it possible to find out whether the CDN product is activated for different records or not. Two of its main applications are:

  1. Specifying the ideal port number of specific records
  2. Load balancing of different IPs registered for a specific record. 

This user guide from ArvanCloud analyzes these settings.

Specifying Ideal Port Number of Specific Records

When ArvanCloud's CDN service activates, the connection between the end-user and ArvanCloud's edge server will be established on specific ports, which are as below:















However, the connection between ArvanCloud's edge servers and the website's origin server can be established on HTTP and HTTPS platforms and any ports.

For instance, you want to connect to cPanel on port 2082. To do so, you need to search the address as on your browser. Now, if CDN service is activated for cPanel record, but the ending port number is not specified for this record on the Activation setting, you will not have access to your cPanel. That is because the connection between ArvanCloud's edge servers and your website's origin server is still established on port 80 or 443 by default.

However, by specifying the intended port number on the Activation setting, the address will be entered as on the browser. Then the connection between the ArvanCloud's edge server and the website's origin server will be established on port 2082 automatically. There is no need to deactivate the CDN service for this record.

Here are some of the most well-known services' port numbers:


Port Number







To apply these settings, follow the instruction:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud User Panel > Content Delivery Network(CDN).
  • Click on Edit and change the port of the intended record. The Cloud icon must be on.
  • In the pop-up window, on the Protocol box, determine the protocols for this connection(HTTP or HTTPs).
  •  Specify the port number.
  • Click on the Save button.

Note: The reason to encounter Arvan Error while visiting the website is that the website's origin server is connected to the ArvanCloud's edge server based on default settings. At the same time, a specific port is closed on the origin server.

On automatic mode, the connection between ArvanCloud's servers and your website's origin server is based on HTTP or HTTPS protocols according to the user request. If port 80 (HTTP protocol's port number) or 443 (HTTPS protocol's port number) is closed on your origin server, and a user sends a request on this port, ArvanCloud Error occurs.

To solve the problem, in case a port is closed on the website's origin server, and the connection will use a specific protocol (such as HTTPS), follow these instructions:

  • Go to: Origin setting of the CDN.
  • Select the ideal protocol on Connecting Main Server Protocol (Default box).

Please note that any changes will be applied to all the records in the Activation section.

Load Balancing of Different IPs Registered for a Specific Record

If your website's origin server has several IPs, you can determine a load for each IP of your website's main record on the Activation setting. Therefore, based on the specific load of each IP, the ArvanCloud's edge server will send a request to that IP.

  • Click on: your website's main record.
  •  In the pop-up window, click on the + icon, and register different IPs for this record.
  • On the Load box, specify the number of requests you are willing to send to each IP.