DNS Load Balancing Settings in ArvanCloud Panel

When using ArvanCloud Cloud DNS, if your content is located on various servers, you can use the DNS load balancing feature. With load balancing, clients’ requests are distributed across all of your servers, based on the weight you define, instead of being processed by only one server. This will lead to a better redundancy and availability.

In order to configure load balancing in ArvanCloud panel, follow this instruction:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud User Panel > Cloud DNS > Record Management
  • Click on Edit button in front of your main domain’s A record
  • In the pop-up window and in the value box, insert all of your main domain’s IP addresses
  • Choose the load balancing method between the IP addresses
  • Click on Save button

In the round-robin method of DNS load balancing, clients’ requests will be sent one by one to the IP addresses specified for A record, while in the weighted round-robin method, the requests will be sent regarding the weight specified for the IP address. If an IP address has a higher weight, it will receive more traffic.


Please note that if you are using ArvanCloud CDN and your cloud icon is active, you need to configure load balancing in the CDN section of the ArvanCloud user panel.