How To Ensure If Assets Are Properly Cached

When you have activated ArvanCloud CDN for your website, ArvanCloud’s headers will be added to your pages. You can see these additional values in the Network Tab of your browser.

You can also ensure that the caching process is properly working by using the “Curl” command on one of your static files. For instance:

curl -I

This will lead to an output like this:


Having an ar-cache header among the results means that the header is being added to this specific page, and as a result, the assets are properly cached.

 If you are using ArvanCloud DNS service as well, it is recommended to check DNS values and settings to make sure they are correctly set. You also need to check if the Cloud icon is activated.

 You can also check your DNS records using these links:

  • Check NS records:

  • Check A records and ArvanCloud services: