How to Enable a Secure Link for Video Content

You can activate ArvanCloud’s secure link feature to restrict access to your channels or videos. These restrictions can be based on IP address or time. Once this feature is enabled, all video content on the channel will only be accessible using an encrypted link address.

Enabling a Secure Link

ArvanCloud’s secure link can be enabled on video channels. Once a secure link is enabled on a channel, this feature will be applied to all videos on the channel. This means these contents can not be accessed normally anymore.
To enable secure link feature in ArvanCloud video panel, follow this instruction:

  • Go to: Channels > Add a Channel
  • Add your channel name and its description
  • Enable Secure Link
  • Create a key for your secure link

Enabling a secure link means regular access to the content is not available. To access the content, you need to create a secure link.