Nameserver Records are Changed, But Traffic is Not Routed Through ArvanCloud Network

When you submit a domain in ArvanCloud’s user panel, two NS records will be assigned to it that should be submitted as the default NS records in your registrar’s panel. In some cases, this change may not be applied immediately, which can be caused by one of these reasons:

Reason 1: TTL Not Expired

In this case, the changes in registrar’s panels are applied, but the previous NS record’s TTL has not been expired yet. The former name servers are considered your current name servers until the TTL expires.

To ensure you have changed the NS records correctly, you can use the following website:

Reason 2: Cloud Icon is Not Activated

In this case, the NS record change is done, but as the cloud icon is inactive and as a result, your website's traffic is not being routed through the ArvanCloud network. To fix this problem, follow these instructions:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud User Panel > Activation
  • Click on the cloud icon in for the specific domain