Configuring URL Redirection with ArvanCloud Page Rules

Using Page Rules section of ArvanCloud’s user panel, you can redirect traffic of a specific URL to another. In order to do so, follow these instructions:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud User Panel > CDN > Page Rules > New Rule
  • Enter the address in the URL box
  • Click on Other Settings tab
  • Click on the Status button to activate it
  • Change the status code to either 301, 302, or 307
  • In the address box, enter the URL to which you want the traffic to be redirected

- In case you want to restrict access of a specific user or IP to a particular domain or URL within a particular time, use the secure link section.

HTTP Status Codes:

  • Code 301: Also known as redirect permanent, is used when you need to redirect a URL to another permanently. This code will inform search engines that the former URL is no longer in use and is replaced by the new one. For example, a 301 status code is used when your domain is permanently changed, but you still want your visitors to visit the website using the former link.
  • Code 302: This status code, which is mainly used for temporary redirection, indicates that the requested content is found, but temporarily moved to another URL. When you aim to redirect visitors temporarily to a new URL but will use the former URL in the future, you need to choose status code 302. It will inform the browser to redirect the request to another URL, but will not affect link information of the website in the search engine.
  • Code 307: This status code acts precisely like a 302 status code, with just one difference. It guarantees that the user agent will not change the request method when the redirection is performed.