How to Fix the SSL Error

While using ArvanCloud’s CDN service, you may need to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS to obtain a higher security level for your website and its communications. In that case, one of the common issues your website users may encounter is the SSL error.
There are a variety of issues causing an SSL error to occur. In this user guide from ArvanCloud’s, we will discuss the most common ones and also provide solutions to fix them.

SSL error causes

If users encounter SSL error while visiting your website, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The cloud icon is deactivated.
  • Download/upload settings of the certificate are not configured in the ArvanCloud’s user panel.
  • An invalid certificate is uploaded in the ArvanCloud’s user panel.
  • An expired certificate is uploaded in the ArvanCloud’s user panel.
  • A wildcard certificate is not uploaded in the ArvanCloud’s user panel.

The cloud icon

To check the status of the cloud icon, follow these instructions.

  • Go to: User Panel > CDN Product tab > Activation section
  • Make sure the cloud icon is activated for the A record of your main domain
  • If not already activated, activate it by clicking on the icon.

Certificate Settings

After ensuring from activation of the cloud icon for your main domain, you need to check the certificate settings. To do so, follow the following instructions:

  • Go to: User Panel> CDN Product > HTTPS Settings
  • Upload both the certificate and private key files in their boxes, just as illustrated below.

Please note that you need a wildcard certificate to be uploaded if you need it to support your subdomains as well as your main domain.
The certificate uploaded in the HTTPS settings section must be valid, chained, and not expired to function properly.

The following user guides can provide more information about :

ArvanCloud’s free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, is another way to support the HTTPS protocol.
To have this free certificate enabled, click on ArvanCloud’s certificate option. When activated, a new window will appear, as shown below.
You can request ArvanCloud’s certificate just for your main domain and any number of specific subdomains, or request this certificate for all of the domains and subdomains available, by enabling the SSL Activation option.