How to Activate DNSSEC in the ArvanCloud Panel

DNS is not essentially equipped with a security mechanism to secure website connections and prevent visitors' malicious redirection. DNSSEC has been added as an extension protocol to DNS to strengthen the security of both visitors and websites.
Using cryptographic signatures along with existing DNS records, DNSSEC creates a secured DNS. This enhanced domain name server offers a safer connection, protected from forged DNS answers. ArvanCloud provides an easy-to-use DNSSEC.

DNSSEC Activation in ArvanCloud User Panel

To activate DNSSEC, you first must ensure that both your domain name registrar and TLD support this protocol. These instructions lead you to DNSSEC activation:

  • Go to: ArvanCloud user panel > Cloud DNS > Dashboard
  • Activate DNSSEC

By activating DNSSEC, a text box including a DS record appears. Copy the DS record data and paste it in your registrar's dashboard.

What does the DS record include?

A DS record looks like the following picture:

  • The marked data each represent the following items:
  • Key tag
  • Algorithm
  • Digest type
  • Digest