How to Export SSL Certificate and Private Key from cPanel

With the .crt and private key, certificates previously used on your website’s origin server can be utilized in the ArvanCloud’s HTTPS configuration.
To export the SSL certificate from cPanel, follow these instructions:

  • Go to: cPanel management panel > Security > SSL/TLS
  • Select Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
  • Choose your domain under Domain section
  • Select Autofill by domain
  • Copy the certificate text and paste it in a text editor such as vim or Notepad
  • Save the as .crt (it is recommended to create a chained certificate using the online tools)
  • Copy the private key text, paste it in a text editor
  • Save the file as .key
  • Go to: ArvanCloud’s user panel > CDN > HTTPS Configuration
  • Activate User Certificate option
  • Upload the .key file in the Private Key section
  • Upload the chained certificate in the Certificate section