How to retrieve the actual IP address of website visitors

When reviewing your website visits in the logs, it may happen for you to see all IPs appearing belong to ArvanCloud. While it may look confusing, there is a reason behind it, and of course, you can retrieve actual IP addresses of the clients as well.
ArvanCloud uses a method called reverse proxy to improve security, performance, and reliability. This type of proxy fetches resources on behalf of the visitor from your website. This is the reason why you see ArvanCLoud IPs everywhere in your website visitors' list.
In this user guide from ArvanCloud, you will see how to find out your users' actual IPs.

Where are the actual IPs placed?

ArvanCloud keeps the real IP address of the visitors in a specific field of the HTTP header so that the website owner can find them out when needed. For this purpose, you need to use three different headers, X-Real-IP, ar-real-ip, and the standard header X-Forwarded-For.

How to retrieve actual IP addresses

By implementing different code pieces on your website, you will be able to see your visitors' real IP addresses.

  • ASP.Net
  • PHP
  • Python (You need to use Socket library)