The meaning of Ar-cache and ar-atime headers

After activating ArvanCloud CDN, ar-cache and ar-atime headers are displayed in response to the user’s requests.


Definition of Ar-cache

Ar-cache can have two values of : Miss and Hit

Ar-cache with a MISS value means that the request content is not cached in ArvanCloud servers and is being returned directly from the website’s main server to the user. This value is miss since the first user request to the website (each ArvanCloud Pop-site).

Ar-cache with HIT value means that the intended website content is cached in ArvanCloud Servers and the user is getting the cached content from ArvanCloud servers.

If some pages of your website have MISS ar-ache and you want to adjust settings for these values on ArvanCloud serves to be cached, you can used to exception rules in ArvanCloud Panel.


Definition of ar-time

One of the sent headers from ArvanCloud’s side is ar-time.

When the ar-cache has a MISS ar-time value, it means the response time to ArvanCloud servers and if ar-cache is HIT, ar-time means the response time of ArvanCloud servers to the users.