Customized ArvanCloud Error Codes

While using ArvanCloud services, the user encounters ArvanCloud specific error in certain circumstances that each indicate a problem or rule violation. This article discusses these specific errors and when they occur.


Firewall Error - Error Code 403

While defining rules in the firewall section of the ArvanCloud panel, users will encounter error code 403 if they send a request that violates rules set here.

This error commonly occurs when a rule is specified to limit access from specific countries. For example, you may specify that only American users are permitted to view your website, rejecting any request from another country. Now, if an American user’s operator or ISP has received an IP address range that was being advertised from another country (another Geo IP), their request for viewing the website will be met with error code 403.

This occurs because the user is located inside Iran, but the Geo IP registered for that IP is for another country. Unlike the route object recorded for the IP advertising country, updating this item in databases like MaxMind requires more time and the new IP owner's follow up.


Limited Access Error - Error Code 429

While activating Rate limiting in the ArvanCloud panel and limiting the number of requests or connections, if the user violates rules specified here, they will encounter error code 429 (Rate limit).

For example, when setting access limits, if the number of requests is limited without a logical and appropriate approximation of website visitors, the likelihood that the user encounters this error while visiting your website will be high.


Secure Link Errors

The ability to use a secure link is an ArvanCloud feature for businesses sharing resources, such as video files, educational resources, etc. Normally, when a file is uploaded to your server, others will be able to download it from your server if they are provided with the link, even if you don’t give them permission to download the file.

ArvanCloud’s secure link feature produces a secure link in exchange for your file and according to defined parameters, including user IP, time period and token. Therefore, even if the unauthorized person meets certain parameters, like IP or download time slot, and starts to download, the hash string produced from that request will be different from the hash produced by ArvanCloud servers due to lacking one or several parameters in their sent request, and they will not receive permission to download the file.

You can read How to Create Secure Links for Accessing Video Content for how to set secure link settings, and How to Activate Secure Link for Video Content for how to activate it for your video channel in the panel.

You may encounter the following errors while using secure link:

  • Error Code 483-expire: This code will be shown to the user while accessing the file if the time for using the secure link has expired.
  • Error Code 484-invalid: This code will be displayed if the length or shape of the hash string produced according to parameters sent by the user is not the same as those produced by ArvanCloud servers.
  • Error Code 485-deny: This error code will be displayed if any parameter used for producing the hash string (IP, time slot or token) is invalid.


Customizing ArvanCloud Error Page

In the ArvanCloud panel, you can use your customized error pages instead of ArvanCloud’s default ones to display the aforementioned errors. For this purpose, you can go to the ArvanCloud panel, “Content Distribution Network (CDN)” and “customize errors” to select your preferred mode.