Solution for unable access to ports or special services

One of the issues you might encounter while using ArvanCloud services is not being able to ports or specific services of your domain.

As you know, ArvanCloud is just used for transferring your web traffic and web content, and it is possible that problems occur in case of the wrong configuration during the migration to ArvanCloud. In this case, your other services traffic such as FTP or Main will go through ArvanCloud by mistake which causes lack access to ports or your required services.

During the migration to ArvanCloud, you can go to “DNS settings” and set the configuration of your traffic. In this section you should directly pass the traffic of other web contents such s Mail, FTP, etc. directly through ArvanCloud towards the Origin server.

As you can see in the picture below, you can create a subdomain for your required services for easier access. In this picture, you can see that for Mail service and FTP (File transfeR) services the traffic is directly passed through the origin server. In order to disable the traffic from passing through ArvanCloud , you should do as follows in the photo: