SSH Access to Instance

After creating an instance in the AravanCloud panel, there are two ways of connecting to it:

  • Using the username and password sent to your email

  • Using a Key

For more information on the second method and the way of doing it, you can read the article of Building a Key and Connecting to instances.

Connecting to Instance with Username and Password

The default usernames for first connect to instance based on the operating system are as follows:

 Default user name Operating system 
ubuntu Ubuntu
debian Debian
redhat Redhat
centos Centos
cirros Cirros

Different tools can be used for a SSH connection to the instance. One of these tools is PUTTY software. As shown in the image, select “Session” from the left menu, and then to establish a SSH connection, enter the IP of your instance into “Host name (or IP Address)”, and check the “SSH” option.


After the first connection is established, the system asks you to change the password of the user that you are connecting with. First, you should enter the username you received by email, then enter your new password. After doing this, the default password will change.


Activating the Root User

In Linux based systems, after the first connect, you can activate the SSH access with the root user, and in the next connects, you can directly connect to your cloud with this user.

To do this, after first connect to the instance using PUTTY or other tools, the system asks you to change the password of the user that you are connecting with (the password sent by email). After entering the new password and reconnecting to instance, use the following command to sign in to the root user environment:

sudo –i


In the next step, set a password for the root user using the following command:



After entering the new password, the next step is to change the default settings of sshd_config file. To do this, use the following command to enter and access the contents of this file:

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config


In the next step, change the value of PermitRootLogin in this file to Yes.


Then, to save these new settings and exit the file, press Ctrl+X -> Y -> Enter. The last thing to do is to restart the SSH server. To do this, use the following command:

service ssh restart


After completing these steps, in the next connects, you can directly have SSH access to your instance with the root user.

Note: In the ArvanCloud user panel, if you select “Rebuild the operating system” from the “Operation” menu in the “Clouds” section, all the settings of instance return to default. Meaning that to reconnect to it, you should use the same user name and password that was sent to your email after creating the instance.