Accessing Windows Instances After Creation

To connect to a windows-based instance for the first time, you need to connect to it using the console. To do this, in the ArvanCloud user panel, go to “Cloud Compute” -> “Instance”, and click Console from the Action menu.


After selecting this option, you will face with a window similar to the image below. You can enter the Windows login environment by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del.


After entering the login page, the first request of the system from you is to change the password.


After entering and confirming the password, you can enter the Windows environment. Note that the password must be complex (a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, different characters and numbers).

Now that the password is set, you can use Windows Remote Desktop Connection service to connect to your instance. First, ensure that this service is enable on the Windows server of instance. To do this, open the Server Manager from the Start menu, and click Local Server from the left menu.


In opened window, the “Enable” option must be written in front of the Remote Desktop.


If Disable was written in front of this phrase, click on it, and in the opened window, check the Allow remote connections to this computer option and click OK.


After adjusting these setting on the instance, you can connect to it with the help of the Remote Desktop.

Access to instance with the help of Remote Desktop Connection

To access a instance with Remote Desktop, press Win + R to open the Run environment, and type in mstsc.


In the opened window, enter the IP address of your instance that is written in front of your instance in the Instances section of ArvanCloud user panel. Then, click Show Options. Enter Administrator in the Username section. To save the login information, you can check the Allow me to save credentials option. This way, you do not need to enter the username and password in future accesses with the help of Remote Desktop. Finally, click connect.


In the next step, in the opened window, enter the password you entered first time connecting to instance, and click OK.


If after clicking OK a window was displayed to you similar to the image below, check the Do not ask me again for connections to this computer option and click YES.