How ArvanCloud Calculator and Pricing Model Works?

In the Calculator page you can easily estimate your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly resources based on all Arvan products and services.

You can also go to the pricing page in order to see the pricing details.

After going to the calculator page, you will see the following page:


Calculator has 3 parts:

  • Products: you will see Arvan products on the left side.
  • Product Features: visible in middle of the page
  • Selected products (Shopping basket): you can see the selected items including the pricing and the time period in this section.

Some of the products or Arvan features are offered for free.

  • Products

You can see Arvan products in this section and by clicking on any of the, you can see the features of that product.

  • Product Features

In this sections you can see the selected product features and each features as a specific unit.‬

Cloud compute and live streaming products in this section include an option called “Number of requests in this package” (the screenshot). By change the number in this section you can select your desired coefficient and this parameter will decide the final price of the items in the “selected products” section.


Cloud Compute and Live Streaming products in this section, include an option; “Service Usage Duration” (screenshot), and two parameters of hour/day , and hour/month are available. By changing those, your desired unit will be calculated for all features.


Cloud Compute product in this section includes “Select desired zone”  (screenshot), which shows the available pop sites for cloud compute and it also includes some other options; the price will change according the the selected pop site.

  • Selected products  (Shopping Basket)

In this section, after choosing your required resources, by clicking the “save” button you can see the calculated price of each item, and finally, by changing the time unit, change the time parameter of all products to the available units: 1 day , 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and 3 years and see the final price.


Meaning of each time period:

  • 1 hour: price calculated  by X0.042
  • 1 Day: Price calculated by x1
  • 1 Week: Price calculated by x7
  • 1 Month: Price calculated by x30
  • 3 Months: Price calculated by X90
  • 1 Year: Price calculated by X365
  • 3 Years: Price calculated by X1096

Feature Units

Feature units are divided to the following categories:

    • Domain: Number of requested domains to register in the panel.
  • Request/Day: in 24 hours of a day, you will have several requests.
  • Request/Month: During the whole month (720 hours) you will have several requests
  • Giga byte/Day: meaning you need several gigabytes of resources in 24 hours.
  • Gigabyte/Month: during the whole month (720 hours) , you need several gigabytes of resources.

Core/Hour/Day: in cloud compute service, for CPU feature