How does Permanent Access Work?


When your website is offline or out of reach for any reason, normally the users will not be able to access or view your website. By activating the Permanent Access feature, ArvanCloud stores the latest version of your website content when it was stable and running, and shows that version to the users during the time that your website is out of service.

In this case, a message is displayed to the user, showing this feature is active and the user will be informed that the website is temporarily out of reach and not connected to the main server. When the main server is back to normal mode, ArvanCloud immediately redirects the users the online, stable website.

If this feature is not active and ArvanCloud has no data about the out of reach website, a message will be displayed to the users that indicates the website is “offline” and there is no “cache” feature activated for the website.

How to Activate “Permanent Access”?