Why in GTmetrix website the score associated with Use a CDN is low for my website, although I am using CDN service of Arvan Cloud?

This is a question that occurs to many of our users in ArvanCloud. Although they are using the CDN service of ArvanCloud, when they use GTmetrix to analyze the performance of their website, the Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) option in YSlow tab has not got any points.

The answer is that GTmetrix website evaluates this option based on its own agreement with various CDNs. Therefore, if a CDN doesn’t have this agreement with GTmetrix, they won’t be on the list of the CDNs approved by this website. Consequently, when a website that uses this CDN’s service goes to GTmetrix for an analysis, they will encounter this issue.

In other words, the score of Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), is not based on a technology, but on the agreement between the CDN and Gtmetrix. It must be noted that ArvanCloud is in the process of adding its service to the list of GTmetrix website’s approved CDNs.

In the meantime, one way of resolving this issue is to register in GTmetrix website. Then, go to User settings and in the YSlow CDN hostnames (one per line) field, enter your domain name and then click Save Settings.


Now, if you analyze your websites again, you will receive the score of Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Also, SD Tutorial and Wappalyzer are two reputable websites that have ArvanCloud registered in their CDNs list.